WATCH: Ed Amann & Armando Barrientos findings overview

IRIBA project leads Ed Amann and Armando Barrientos offer their perspective on the research findings, following our final workshop in Rio de Janeiro in December 2016.

FINDINGS: Heterogeneity in Bolsa Família outcomes

As presented at our 2016 Rio de Janeiro findings workshop by IRIBA co-lead researcher Armando Barrientos. Listen now:  

Social policy and inclusive growth in Brazil

Inclusive growth doesn’t come out of nowhere. IRIBA’s Professor Armando Barrientos explains the ways in which socially-oriented policy decisions led to economic growth that primarily helped to increase the incomes and wellbeing of Brazil’s poorest, rather than that o

Q&A: Luis Paiva on the success and future of Bolsa Família

Brazil’s Bolsa Família programme has been credited with helping to significantly reduce levels of absolute poverty and inequality in Brazil. Started in 2003, and funded by less than 0.5% of the country’s GDP, it now facilitates small cash transfers to 46 million Brazilians

Watch: The impact of innovative social policies in Brazil

Last month, IRIBA research director Armando Barrientos presented our main findings on the Brazilian development model at the LSE. Alongside him was the Brazilian Minister for Social Development, Tereza Campello. Favelas@LSE, who organised the event have put videos of all the presentat

Brazil: through the eyes of favela dwellers and government ministers

For the Brazilian minister for Social Development, Tereza Campello, ‘teaching a man to fish’ is only part of the story. You also need to show him the way to the river and if he’s too hungry to fish in the first place – just give him some of your fish! Campello’s impassioned take

How Brazil has reduced inequality

The sustained decline in Brazilian inequality levels has been of the most striking aspects of its development performance over the last 10 years. In addition to raising an estimated 40 million people out of poverty, the Brazil’s GINI coefficient fell by 12%, from 0.59 in 1995 to 0.52

Event: UK-Brazil social development dialogue

On November 14, IRIBA co-research director Armando Barrientos will be participating in a UK-Brazil dialogue at the LSE, alongside Brazilian Minister for Social Development, Tereza Campello. The event is being organised by the always interesting Favelas@LSE and tickets are available vi

The local impact of Bolsa Família transfers: Methodology Masterclass

Most of the research on Bolsa Família looks at its aggregate impact at a national level, so IRIBA researchers decided to focus instead on what happens to school attendance and the labour supply at the municipal level. This week, Dario Debowicz talked PhD students at the Brooks World P

Inequality, inclusion & infrastructure: What did we learn?

Daniele Malerba, PhD candidate at the Global Development Institute reports back from the recent IRIBA workshop at the LSE. Last Friday the LSE hosted an IRIBA workshop on some of the work produced in the first round of the project. Research on inequality, social protection and infrast