Event: Institutions for macroeconomic stability in Brazil

Economic stability has been central to Brazil’s development progress over the last 20 years. Without it, successive governments could not have invested in the innovative social policies that have transformed the country. On December 19, we’ll be looking at this in much mor

Watch: The impact of innovative social policies in Brazil

Last month, IRIBA research director Armando Barrientos presented our main findings on the Brazilian development model at the LSE. Alongside him was the Brazilian Minister for Social Development, Tereza Campello. Favelas@LSE, who organised the event have put videos of all the presentat

The 5 key points to understanding Brazil’s development progress

We recently published a briefing giving a 10-point summary of our main findings from the first phase of the IRIBA project. This has been well-received, particularly by some of our academic colleagues. However, we wondered if the list could be boiled down further, especially for the bu

Event: A Brazilian model of development?

We’re teaming up with the Johns Hopkins School of Advance International Studies (SAIS) in Washington to hold a debate on the Brazilian model of development and its implications for African countries. Brazil has emerged as a globally significant economic power in the last decade,

Event: UK-Brazil social development dialogue

On November 14, IRIBA co-research director Armando Barrientos will be participating in a UK-Brazil dialogue at the LSE, alongside Brazilian Minister for Social Development, Tereza Campello. The event is being organised by the always interesting Favelas@LSE and tickets are available vi

Event: The Brazilian model of agricultural development

Hot on the heels of our seminar at the LSE, we’re continuing to present and discuss our research findings, this time with a focus on agriculture. The event will take place at the University of Brasília on October 7 and will feature: Professor Bernardo Mueller, discussing the tra

Inequality, inclusion & infrastructure: Register for our LSE event

With the initial IRIBA research programme close to completion, we’re looking forward to taking the show on the road and discussing our findings from Brazil – and their potential for African countries. On Friday September 12 we’re running a workshop at the London Scho