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With the initial IRIBA research programme close to completion, we’re looking forward to taking the show on the road and discussing our findings from Brazil – and their potential for African countries. On Friday September 12 we’re running a workshop at the London Scho

Brazil commits to a world without poverty

Professor Armando Barrientos, IRIBA co-research director Last month, the Ministry of Social Development (MDS) in Brazil launched Mundo sem Miséria (World Without Poverty), a new platform to share lessons among low and middle income countries. Mundo sem Miséria forms part of the curren

Giving money to the poor

With growing interest in social protection programmes in many developing countries, some worry that transferring money directly to the poor will reduce their incentive to seek paid work. The evidence from Brazil suggests this isn’t the case. From 2003-2009, while the increase in non-w