For research summaries, with short videos, slideshares and additional material, please click on the highlighted titles. The IRIBA research has also been collated as this special edition of The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.

Transforming agriculture through productivity growth: lessons from Brazilian agricultural development Bernardo Mueller, Charles Mueller18/11/2016Journal articleWorking paperResearch briefing
What explains the intensification and diversification of Brazil’s agricultural production and exports? Carlos Bacha, Leandro Vinicios de Carvalho18/11/2016Working paper
Research briefing
How EMBRAPA catalysed productivity gains in Brazilian agriculturePaulo Figueiredo18/11/2016Journal articleWorking paperResearch briefing
Antipoverty Transfers and Inclusive Growth in BrazilArmando Barrientos, Dario Debowicz, Ingrid Woolard18/11/2016Journal articleWorking paperResearch briefing
The impact of the National Service for Industrial Training (SENAI) vocational training programme on employment, wages, and mobility in Brazil: what lessons for sub-Saharan Africa?Stephan Klasen, Carlos Villalobos18/11/2016Journal articleWorking paperResearch briefing
Earmarking credit for investment, stability and growth: lessons from the Brazilian Development BankErnani Torres, Luiz Macahyba, Rodrigo Zeidan18/11/2016Journal articleWorking paperResearch briefing
Institutions for macroeconomic stability in BrazilJosé Roberto Afonso, Eliane Cristina Araújo, Bernardo Guelber Fajardo18/11/2016Journal articleWorking paperResearch briefing
Brazil: tackling corruption through institutional multiplicityLindsey Carson, Mariana Prado18/11/2016Journal articleWorking paperResearch briefing
Brazilian anti-corruption legislation and its enforcementMariana Prado, Lindsey Carson18/11/2016Journal articleWorking paperResearch briefing
Infrastructure and its role in Brazil’s development processEdmund Amann, Werner Baer, Tom Trebat, Juan M. Villa18/11/2016Journal articleWorking paperResearch briefing
Taxation, redistribution and the social contract in BrazilMarcus André Melo, André Canuto Coelho, Armando Barrientos18/11/2016Working paperResearch briefing
Explaining the decline in earnings inequality in Brazil: 1995-2012Francisco Ferreira, Julián Messina, Sergio Pinheiro Firpo18/11/2016Working paperResearch briefing
Is there a new Brazilian development model?Armando Barrientos, Ed Amann18/11/2016Journal articleWorking paperResearch briefing
Spacial differences between family and non-family farming in Brazilian agricultureCarlos Bacha, Alysson Luiz Stege18/11/2016Working paper
The Political Economy of Crisis: What Remains of Brazil’s Development Model?Edmund Amann10/01/18Working paper