Why has earnings inequality declined in Brazil?

Building on their research for the IRIBA project, Francisco Ferreira, Sergio Firpo and Julian Messina have recently published a new World Bank paper: ‘Ageing poorly? : accounting for the decline in earnings inequality in Brazil, 1995-2012‘.  The key finding are:   

FINDINGS: Heterogeneity in Bolsa Família outcomes

As presented at our 2016 Rio de Janeiro findings workshop by IRIBA co-lead researcher Armando Barrientos. Listen now:  

Brazil in political crisis: what has happened, and what might it mean for development?

IRIBA’s research has argued that in recent decades Brazil has followed a distinctive development trajectory. This has centred on inclusive growth and the use of innovative tax-financed social policy in reducing poverty and inequality and bolstering long term human development. However

Bridging the urban-rural divide in Africa

The next edition of the African Economic Outlook will investigate how to bridge the urban-rural divide in African countries. With many African states struggling to translate impressive headline rates of economic growth into tangible improvements for the poorest people living in rural

New UNU-Wider paper on the Brazilian development model

At the start of the IRIBA project a year ago, co-research directors Armando Barrientos and Ed Amann presented their initial thinking on the Brazilian model and its implications for African countries to a UNU-Wider conference on inclusive growth.   With the first phase research no

How Brazil has reduced inequality

The sustained decline in Brazilian inequality levels has been of the most striking aspects of its development performance over the last 10 years. In addition to raising an estimated 40 million people out of poverty, the Brazil’s GINI coefficient fell by 12%, from 0.59 in 1995 to 0.52

Can the next Brazilian president put the country back on the path to prosperity?

This morning in the Guardian, IRIBA co-research director Ed Amann gives his take on the anti-poverty agenda facing Brazil’s presidential candidates. This is a year of important anniversaries for Brazil. It is 10 years since the launch of the celebrated Bolsa Família anti-poverty

Is there a new Brazilian development model?

IRIBA’s research directors, Armando Barrientos and Ed Amann draw together the conclusions from the first phase of the project. Cross posted from ELDIS.  Brazil’s ascent to prominence on the international economic stage has been a prolonged affair. Perhaps the most curious featur

Inequality, inclusion & infrastructure: What did we learn?

Daniele Malerba, PhD candidate at the Global Development Institute reports back from the recent IRIBA workshop at the LSE. Last Friday the LSE hosted an IRIBA workshop on some of the work produced in the first round of the project. Research on inequality, social protection and infrast

Inequality, inclusion & infrastructure: Register for our LSE event

With the initial IRIBA research programme close to completion, we’re looking forward to taking the show on the road and discussing our findings from Brazil – and their potential for African countries. On Friday September 12 we’re running a workshop at the London Scho