Tax & the expansion of social assistance

The highly regarded Brazilian business newspaper Valor Economico recently published an article focussed on the findings of our working paper ‘Taxation, Redistribution and the Social Contract in Brazil‘. Here’s a pdf of the article in Portuguese. An English translatio

Can the next Brazilian president put the country back on the path to prosperity?

This morning in the Guardian, IRIBA co-research director Ed Amann gives his take on the anti-poverty agenda facing Brazil’s presidential candidates. This is a year of important anniversaries for Brazil. It is 10 years since the launch of the celebrated Bolsa Família anti-poverty

Is there a new Brazilian development model?

IRIBA’s research directors, Armando Barrientos and Ed Amann draw together the conclusions from the first phase of the project. Cross posted from ELDIS.  Brazil’s ascent to prominence on the international economic stage has been a prolonged affair. Perhaps the most curious featur

Brazil: a role model for development?

The following article by IRIBA research directors Professor Armando Barrientos and Dr Ed Amann was recently featured in The Guardian:   Brazil isn’t getting the best press at the moment, with ongoing problems with the construction of the World Cup stadiums and protests abou