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With the initial IRIBA research programme close to completion, we’re looking forward to taking the show on the road and discussing our findings from Brazil – and their potential for African countries. On Friday September 12 we’re running a workshop at the London Scho

Using competition between institutions to tackle corruption in Brazil

As in many countries, dealing with corruption is a huge issue in Brazil. Its impact on broader society was regularly cited by protesters demanding better public services last year. Professor Mariana Prado and Lindsey Carson have taken a detailed look at Brazil’s approach to tackling c

Behind the scenes of Brazil’s South-South cooperation

After President Lula made South-South cooperation a priority, Brazil began to enhance its relationships with African countries using a variety of channels. Brazil opened 35 new embassies across Africa during his tenure, with ambassadors taking a proactive role in developing ties. Comb

Can growth in Africa be sustained?

Over the last few years, African economies have been some of the fastest-growing in the world. But significant doubts remain: why aren’t the proceeds of growth doing more to help those at the bottom of the pile? And in any case, is the boom sustainable? An important report from the Ac

Presentation: achieving economic stability in Brazil

There’s a consensus that Brazil’s development progress has been underpinned by sound macroeconomic management. The introduction of the Real Plan in the mid-90s, which ended regular, destructive outbreaks of hyperinflation is widely regarded as the starting point, but is it the whole s

The social contract under stress

Last week I met up with the amazing researchers on the IRIBA project at a workshop in Rio. All 12 research papers were presented and scrutinised in depth, and there was much debate about how and where the key points might be useful for African countries. While there’s some more work t

Video: Prof. Werner Baer on prospects for Brazil

Professor Werner Baer of the University of Illinois is one of the leading international experts on the Brazilian economy. His classic book The Brazilian Economy is now in its 7th edition and he’s studied Brazil for decades. We’re lucky enough to have Prof. Baer onboard with the

Brazil commits to a world without poverty

Professor Armando Barrientos, IRIBA co-research director Last month, the Ministry of Social Development (MDS) in Brazil launched Mundo sem Miséria (World Without Poverty), a new platform to share lessons among low and middle income countries. Mundo sem Miséria forms part of the curren

Brazil: a role model for development?

The following article by IRIBA research directors Professor Armando Barrientos and Dr Ed Amann was recently featured in The Guardian:   Brazil isn’t getting the best press at the moment, with ongoing problems with the construction of the World Cup stadiums and protests abou