Prospects for the Brazilian economy: an interview with Professor Ed Amann

Professor Ed Amann was recently interviewed about the Brazilian development model by the Colombia Global Center in Rio. Watch the wide-ranging interview here: Read an open access special issue on the research here.

WATCH: Ernani Torres on the BNDES & the current economic climate

IRIBA researcher Ernani Torres outlines the role of the BNDES in Brazil, and how it is changing given the current economic and political climate.

WATCH: Tom Trebat discusses infrastructure challenges in Brazil

IRIBA researcher Tom Trebat outlines some of the challenges facing proponents of infrastructure development in Brazil, and the government’s increasing emphasis on private sector financing.

IRIBA key findings seminar: Is there a Brazilian ‘development model’?

Prof. Ed Amann and Prof. Armando Barrientos gave a presentation on November 25 on some of the central findings of the IRIBA research. They discussed how Brazil’s comparatively successful development performance over the last two decades has been based on a pattern of inclusive g

The Brazilian model of agricultural development

Today Brazil is one of the major producers of a series of agricultural commodities, including soybeans, sugar, orange juice, maize, cotton, chicken, meat and pigs, with strong participation in a long list of others. The position of Brazilian agriculture as one of the breadbaskets of t

Using competition between institutions to tackle corruption in Brazil

As in many countries, dealing with corruption is a huge issue in Brazil. Its impact on broader society was regularly cited by protesters demanding better public services last year. Professor Mariana Prado and Lindsey Carson have taken a detailed look at Brazil’s approach to tackling c

Behind the scenes of Brazil’s South-South cooperation

After President Lula made South-South cooperation a priority, Brazil began to enhance its relationships with African countries using a variety of channels. Brazil opened 35 new embassies across Africa during his tenure, with ambassadors taking a proactive role in developing ties. Comb

Video: Prof. Werner Baer on prospects for Brazil

Professor Werner Baer of the University of Illinois is one of the leading international experts on the Brazilian economy. His classic book The Brazilian Economy is now in its 7th edition and he’s studied Brazil for decades. We’re lucky enough to have Prof. Baer onboard with the

Brazil commits to a world without poverty

Professor Armando Barrientos, IRIBA co-research director Last month, the Ministry of Social Development (MDS) in Brazil launched Mundo sem Miséria (World Without Poverty), a new platform to share lessons among low and middle income countries. Mundo sem Miséria forms part of the curren

Growth is not enough

There’s a fantastic new RSA animation questioning what we want our economies to achieve, based on a talk by Kate Raworth, which is well worth watching.   It seems very pertinent to the approach we’re taking with the IRIBA project. Brazil hasn’t had the most spectacular head