The need for fiscal adjustment in Brazil

At the end of last year, IRIBA author José Roberto Afonso hosted a seminar looking at the institutional basis for Brazil’s macroeconomic stability. José summarises the discussions for us here (English translation below). O workshop Instituições para Estabilidade Macroeconômica n

Event: Institutions for macroeconomic stability in Brazil

Economic stability has been central to Brazil’s development progress over the last 20 years. Without it, successive governments could not have invested in the innovative social policies that have transformed the country. On December 19, we’ll be looking at this in much mor

Watch: The Brazilian development model debated

Last week, we teamed up with Johns Hopkins SAIS to debate the Brazilian development model and its potential implications for African countries. Watch the event:

Presidential elections in Brazil: a choice of development models

Mariana Mota Prado, author of the IRIBA research on the Brazilian approach to anti-corruption wrote the following comment on the Brazilian elections for the University of Toronto law blog. It’s re-posted here with permission. Last month, Brazil decided to re-elect its President,

Bridging the urban-rural divide in Africa

The next edition of the African Economic Outlook will investigate how to bridge the urban-rural divide in African countries. With many African states struggling to translate impressive headline rates of economic growth into tangible improvements for the poorest people living in rural

Can the next Brazilian president put the country back on the path to prosperity?

This morning in the Guardian, IRIBA co-research director Ed Amann gives his take on the anti-poverty agenda facing Brazil’s presidential candidates. This is a year of important anniversaries for Brazil. It is 10 years since the launch of the celebrated Bolsa Família anti-poverty

Is there a new Brazilian development model?

IRIBA’s research directors, Armando Barrientos and Ed Amann draw together the conclusions from the first phase of the project. Cross posted from ELDIS.  Brazil’s ascent to prominence on the international economic stage has been a prolonged affair. Perhaps the most curious featur

Inequality, inclusion & infrastructure: Register for our LSE event

With the initial IRIBA research programme close to completion, we’re looking forward to taking the show on the road and discussing our findings from Brazil – and their potential for African countries. On Friday September 12 we’re running a workshop at the London Scho

Can growth in Africa be sustained?

Over the last few years, African economies have been some of the fastest-growing in the world. But significant doubts remain: why aren’t the proceeds of growth doing more to help those at the bottom of the pile? And in any case, is the boom sustainable? An important report from the Ac